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Administrative Division
The Administrative Division is responsible for the logistics of the police department and assists in the direction of long term activities of the department to accomplish its mission and goals. This helps to ensure that department resources are used in an efficient and effective manner. To accomplish these goals this Administrative Division has many functions, such as providing support and coordination for all the department's Division's and Unit's and working with regional, state, and national organizations to enhance the ability of the department to ensure the safety of all persons in the community.

Patrol Division
The Patrol Division is made up of sworn Police Officers who are responsible for the protection of life and property, preservation of peace and order, prevention and suppression of crime, arrest and prosecution of offenders, recovery and return of stolen property, regulation of traffic laws and ordinances. A Patrol Officer's performance involves the frequent exercise of independent iniative, community service, judgement and excellent communications skills. The following are skills associated with this assignment.

Detective Division
The Detective Division is responsible for the investigation of major or unique crimes and/or situations, which by their complexity or scope cannot not be handled at the Patrol Officer Level.

Communications Division
The Southington Police Department operates a combined Public Safety Communications Center utilizing a Computer Aided Dispatching System to aid and ensure the safety of all police, and fire personnel in order to better serve the citizens of the Town of Southington. It is the policy of the Southington Police Department that an effective Communications Center is an essential component for the continuous ability to deliver emergency services to the Southington Community.

Support Services Division
The Support Services Division is responsible for departmental training, departmental information and technology, traffic issues, fleet oversight, maintenance of the building/grounds, management of the records division, management of the evidence/court liason division and the hiring of new personnel.
Division Commander: Lt. Barribault, Traning Supervisor: Sergeant Jeff Dobratz, Traffic Officer: Officer Tom Gorr, IT Officer: Officer Ryan Lair

Accident Investigation Team (AIT)
It is the responsibility of the Southington Police Department's Accident Investigation Team to thoroughly investigate all serious/fatal motor vehicle collisions by use of specially trained officers assigned to the team. Current Team Members Include:
The AIT Supervisor: Sgt. Jason Plourde, Team Members Sgt. Brian Leppard, Sgt. Jeff Ward, Officer Tim Wilk, Officer Jeremy Busa, Officer Matt Vose, Officer Ryan Lair and Officer Atterato.

K-9 Division
The Southington Police Department K-9 Unit consists of Canine Handler Officer Salerno and his K-9 Officer Lou, Canine Handler Officer John Mahon and his K-9 Officer Arno, and Canine Handler Officer Mel Emond and his K-9 Officer Kira. Because of a K-9's superior sens of smell/hearing and potential aggressiveness the trained law enforcement K-9 is a valuable supplement to police manpower. The K-9's duties consist of but are not limited to assisting in tracking individuals wanted by police, conducting building searches, assisting in the arrest or prevent the escape of serious violent offenders, protect officers and others from serious injury, locating lost/missing persons, and detecting the presence of concealed narcotics or explosives.

Central Region Emergency Response Team
The Southington Police Department is currently teamed with the Bristol, Plainville, and Plymouth Police Departments to form the Central Region Emergency Response Team. This team is an Elite group of dedicated and highly skilled Police Officers committed to saving lives through crisis negotiation and superior tactics. Current Southington Members include; Detective Adam Tillotson, Officer Don Mackenzie, Officer Nate Boislard, Sgt. Jeff Ward, Officer David Carbone (sniper).

Computer Forensics Division
The Southington Police Department Computer Forensic's Division is made up of Sgt. Mark Beal, Sgt. Brian Leppard, and Officer Ryan Lair. It is the responsibility of the Computer Forensic's Team to investigate Computer crimes and assist Patrol Officers and Detectives with processing electronic evidence such as computers and cell phones and retrieving video evidence.

Traffic Division
The Traffic Officer Division carries the same duties and responsibilities of the Patrol Division along with the responsibility of fleet maintenance, work zone safety and traffic site plan review. The Traffic Officer will also provide support to all areas of the Southington Police Department as needed. In addition to the duties/responsibilities of a Patrol Officer, responsibilities include but are not limited to: Responsible for the management and service of the department’s fleet, manage and schedule maintenance on all department vehicles, maintain all non-computerized equipment contained within department vehicles, conduct and/or review traffic Surveys and/or work zone related plans, and perform other duties and/or tasks as assigned.

Records Division
The Southington Police Department Records Division maintains a secure records management system that consists of both electronic and paper records. The Department strives to maintain a police records management system that provides efficient access to information yet protects the security and integrity of the records. The Records Division consists of 4 Records Personnel; Supervisor Sandy Hubeny, and Clerks Nancy Heil, Noreen Brzozowski, and Judy Cyr.

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